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inactive crwespinfluencer

Name crwespinfluencer
Submitted 2019-09-22
Payment duration One-time payment
Amount 1,800 CRW
Submission value $90.00 $0.050 CRW-USD
Current value $124.24 $0.069 CRW-USD
Document Link
Hash c9eeea931c535898fee2ed9a12a61c2...
Block start 2592000
Payment address CRWPsBSy22ACxhFkF9MpVy1FcrykeqhKSBvM
Yea votes 110
Nay votes 2
Abstained votes 0


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  • crowncoin_knight 1about 8 months ago

    Sergio is doing a great job in promoting the crypto space in Spain, big added value for the Crown community

  • crowncoin_knight 2about 8 months ago

    Few more votes needed

  • CCn1M Mod 3about 7 months ago

    This comment has been blocked by a moderator (about 7 months ago)