Proposals / Generator

Proposal command generator

Step 1

Generate prepare command

Insert a name for your proposal, only alphanumeric input a-z, A-Z, 0-9, a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 20 characters are allowed.
Insert a link to your proposal document, using http:// or https:// is required and a maximum of 64 characters is allowed.
Signify the amount of months you request funding for, only numeric input of 1-12 is allowed.
Choose a superblock on which your proposal should receive funding, dates are estimated based on superblock height.
Signify the address where you want your funding to be sent, only CRW addresses are allowed.
Signify the amount of CRW you want to receive per month, with a maximum of 54000 allowed.

  • » Copy the prepare command shown above and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Generate submit command

  • » Please complete Step 1 before proceeding to this step.

Step 3

Generate vote command

  • » Please complete Step 2 before proceeding to this step.